KNOCKOUT - chapter 4


I really hope you enjoy this chapter! 

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KNOCKOUT - chapter 2


If there’s any mistakes, I’ll mix them tomorrow!! Hope you like it :) x

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"What a D bag" LOLOLOLOL

Video of Louis mocking the paps at LAX after they tried to bait him into talking about Liam being the highest paid member. While Liam is right there quietly walking along.

. “Liam gets paid more than anyone, is that that true guys??” 

I am dead. Long live Louis’ smart mouth.

HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!! Oh my gosh i seriously cant believe your 20 ..where did the years ago?? U were just 16 :’) .. i wish you the best birthday ever! Hope all your wishes come true <3 these past 4 years supporting you have been amazing! Even the rough times we made it through together(: i will always stand by your side<3 n no one will understand other then my family of beliebers (: I know that you’re one of the most kind hearted and caring person ever! no matter what the media makes you out to be..some people are so ignorant to believe some of that stuff.. but anyways ignore the haters and have a GREAT birthday!;p i always love you no matter what xx Forever and always your Belieber <33 #happybirthdayjustin #justin #justinbieber #20 #happy20thbirthdayjustin #bieber #justindrewbieber #march1st #canada #love #belieber #happybirthday #icant #thetearsarereal

Chapter 58

OMG!!! Seriously cant believe i met these guys they were soo sweet!! :D AMAZING DAY!!!  #alexpettyfer #endlesslove #alex #robbyjayala #northpark #vine #omfg #crazy #aahh #amazing #icant

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